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iMicrodose Mindfuli – Psilocybe Mexicana


The Psilocybe Mexicana is perhaps the most well known magic truffle available today. These sclerotia (the official name of the hardened mass of mycelium known as magic truffles) tend to be small in size and its color is mostly dark brown. It grows natively in areas of North and Central America and their strength is quite mild, making it ideal for any microdosing novice.


What is iMicrodose MINDFULI – Psilocybe Mexicana 3 x 5 g., and what is this product used for?

Psilocybe Mexicana truffles are a natural product containing psychoactive compounds. This product is used by repeated ingestion of
low doses (microdosing). Rule of thumb is to start with 1 gram and to adjust the amount according to one’s personal experience. To find the optimal amount we recommend using the unique iMicro App via the included QR code. The aim is to achieve noticeable positive effects without disrupting daily activities. Positive effects you can experience are increased productivity, a more positive state of mind and a sharpening of the senses.



You should not microdose everyday. We recommend using the iMicro app (www.imicroapp.com) to keep track of your microdosing experiences and find the optimal frequency for you. The iMicro app is easily accessible via the QR code on the iMicrodose packaging or the Freshness tag and instructions leaflet inside of it.