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Unlock your true potential with the mind-expanding qualities of psilocybin. Experience
controlled and regulated enhancement in creativity, productivity, and problem-solving. By
using the Psychedelic Microdosing Pack, the only limitation is your imagination, not the
adverse effects heavy doses of psychedelics can cause.

Microdosing requires the user to follow a schedule of doses on specific days, followed by
rest periods. Sr-Wholesale recommends consuming truffles every third day, ideally in the
morning. On the first day of dosing, the effects will peak. On the second day, users will still
experience an afterglow effect before the third day restores their psilocybin tolerance.
Repeat this routine for several weeks or until you notice a difference in mood, productivity,
or social interactions. It is advised to take a break after 10 weeks of microdosing to minimize
the chance of side effects and fully reset tolerance.
No matter how small, even the most subtle changes in our behavior can dramatically
improve various aspects of daily life. Microdosing is about maintaining control and staying
alert while allowing your mind to function without being hindered by the stress of modern

Microdosing has a very low chance of side effects. However, if you still feel a little
overwhelmed even after following the recommended dosage guidelines, sit down, relax, and
breathe regularly – the effects will diminish over time.
STORAGE Once opened, store the Psychedelic Microdosing Pack in a refrigerator at 4-8°C
and consume within 3 weeks. Unopened, the product can be stored under the same
conditions for up to 3 months after receipt.
WARNING Suitable for individuals over 18 years old only. Do not use if pregnant and keep
out of reach of children. Do not use if the packaging appears damaged or tampered with.