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Introducing Trance-e, the latest addition to the diverse Happy Caps lineup. With its unique properties, Trance-e has the potential to elevate your moods, feelings, sensations, desires, and overall state of being. Whether you’re looking to enhance yourself before a night out, chill session, or downtime, all while maintaining a sense of normalcy, give Trance-e a try.


Content: 10 x 4 capsules


Happy Caps come in various types, each offering a range of effects: uplifting, euphoric, psychedelic, or mood-enhancing. Whether you aim to extend your night or need a substantial boost after a stressful day, the Happy Caps formulas have got your back, ensuring you never fall short of support.


Ingredients per capsule:

Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds: 75 mg

Mitragyna speciosa extract: 75 mg

L-tryptophan: 50 mg

Synephrine: 20 mg

Caffeine: 40 mg

Vitamin B6: 10 mg

CBD: 5 mg