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Is this your first time going on a psychedelic journey? Is your trip not going too well?
Don’t panic! The Trip Stopper  is here to help minimise the effects of a bad trip. The
dextrose in the white capsules helps lessen the effects of the trip while the valerian in
the dark capsules helps you relax for a smooth comedown. The idea behind the Trip
Stopper is that just having it within reach can make you feel more relaxed so that you
can enjoy your ride.

1. Take the 2 white capsules (maltodextrin) to lessen the effects of the trip.
2. Take the 2 dark capsules (valerian) to relax.
3. Try to eat something savoury.
4. Stay calm, try to breathe slowly, and don’t panic. Keep in mind that the bad
feeling will soon pass; it’s just a matter of time.
Each pack contains 4 capsules: 2 maltodextrin caps and 2 valerian caps.
 500mg maltodextrin
 500mg valerian